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India Gypsum Mold Customs Agent Qingdao

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India Gypsum Mold Customs Agent Qingdao


China Import contact person :COCO LEE

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The production of many products, in order to be able to mass produce save manpower, and improve the efficiency and the accuracy of the product, most will choose a mold to production and production, so have a fixed format, no fundamental error is too great.Mould points a lot of kinds, used in some construction gypsum mould as an example, this kind of things should be how to import?What documents need to prepare?Whether to need to provide certificate of origin?Only need to customs declaration contract packing list invoice?How much is the import tax rate?Is there a special regulation?A series of plaster mold import problems, can find our advice.

Importing document&licence&charge for Gypsum Mold :



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