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Spain Olive Oil Import Dongguan Customs Clearance Agent Service Company

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Spain Olive Oil Import Dongguan Customs Clearance Agent Service Company


Need document for Import Olive oil:



Analysis testing report

Packing List

Certificate of original

Original of foreign label


Sanitary or health certificate

Automatic Import License


Olive oil is cold pressed by fresh olive fruit directly, without heating and chemical processing, retain the natural nutrients.Olive oil is considered to be the most suitable for human nutrition of grease detected so far of the grease.In the west is known as "liquid gold", "queen of vegetable oil", "Mediterranean mannose", due to its excellent natural health care efficacy, cosmetic effect and ideal cooking purposes.Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries of olive oil production accounts for 90% of the world's oil production.Olive is divided into super Olive oil, Olive oil, Olive oil, Olive oil with high acidity, blenders throws throws crude oil, Olive seed oil, refined oil Olive stone, after the jewels refined Olive stone oil etc.Domestic more and more people like to use olive oil, more and more imports of olive oil to China.


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