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Japan Glass Fiber Drawing Machine Customs Agent HK

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Japan Glass Fiber Drawing Machine Customs Agent HK

Glass fiber drawing machine, it is a kind of high speed glass liquid and control fiber filaments in and around according to certain rule made fiber volume of mechanical equipment.Drawing part mainly crucible, tank furnace, drawing machine, and the temperature control system, etc.Domestic manufacturing of longevity, many countries new or second-hand glass fiber drawing machines imported to China.Like the United States, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan and other countries early in development in science and technology in the production of glass fiber wire drawing machine imported to China for the Chinese market demand.The glass fiber drawing machine imported to China need what documents?Import second-hand old machine if we need to check in?Whether you need new and used imported automatic import license?How much is the rate?Customs clearance documents ready to what?


Importing document&licence&charge for Glass fiber drawing machine :


Certificate of origin

Packing List

Machine operating principle


Description of Goods


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